Perry County News

  1. Fall 2023 ServSafe Classes to begin in October

    Sep. 14, 2023

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  2. Forages for Horses Webinar Series

    Aug. 11, 2023

    Please join us for four 60-minute webinars offering a variety of pasture and management topics.

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  3. Please help Fill the Freezer

    Jun. 29, 2023

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  4. Women in AG Wednesday Webinars

    May. 03, 2023

    Please join us on May 10, 2023 for the next session
    Being in agriculture has its own set of stressors, but being a woman in agriculture can have it own unique set that is often left unsaid.

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  5. 4-H Enrollment Deadline April 1st 2023!!!

    Mar. 16, 2023

  6. 2023 Wellness Challenge

    Mar. 16, 2023

    Join the "Think Green...It's not just a color" 6-week email wellness challange for healthy living tips and ideas to improve your well-being. Participation is free and is open to any adult with an email address. You will learn to improve your overall health and wealth. Please join us starting April 3, 2023. Please click here for more registration information

  7. TAI CHI FOR BEGINNERS Classes starting February 2, 2023

    Jan. 26, 2023

    Tia Chi For Beginners
    An online Virtual Series of Classes done from the convience of your own home!

    Decreas arthritis pain, help to prevent falls and increase your flexibility. This Tia Chi for beginners can be done sitting or standing. It will also improve your physical and mental balance.

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  8. 48th Annual Sewing Smorgasbord 2023

    Jan. 09, 2023

    Save the date March 18, 2023
    48th Annual Sewing Smorgasbord


    Dec. 21, 2022

    The OSU Extension Perry County Office will be closed starting Friday, December 23rd and will re-open Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Have a safe and happy holiday season!!

  10. Unwrap your gifts Email Wellness Challenge

    Oct. 04, 2022

    Join the "Unwrap Your Gifts" 6-week email wellness challenge for healthy living tips and encouragement to help you make the most of this holiday season. Challenge starts October 31, 2022. Please click here for registration information